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My Dear Fellow Christians …

It was bad enough to be an apologizing Republican, now I have to be an apologizing Christian too? Good God Almighty (pun intended) people, what the hell has gotten into you? You’re offended with the Starbucks holiday cup because it doesn’t say Christmas to you, so you have declared that Starbucks is “waging war” on […]

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Evette Goldstein - Once again, you are right on Tammy! I truly wish being reasonable and intelligent with a sense of what is important (as well as a sense of humor) were contageous!

T.O. Weller - You know, I had no idea what people were talking about yesterday. Suddenly posts about coffee cups, what’s really important in the world, and Christmas were popping up all over my news feeds.

When I found the root cause, I couldn’t believe it. Really?!?

We talk about the extremists in other countries like they’re so frightening, like they must be stopped at all costs, like they threaten our very safety and security … is this not just a little extreme?!?

I also wonder … every country, every religion, every family, typically has at least one person or group who sees the world in a strange and sometimes twisted way. I grew up with the idea that it was best to politely ignore them and not let them bother me nor give them the fuel to continue. When did such insanity become the sort of thing to go viral?!?

Laurie Oien - Amen!

Laura Lee Carter - Yeah Tammy! We have turned into a nation of silly whiners, who have no idea how some suffer while we whine about the color of a cup.
I wish to see as much outrage over the fact that 500,000 Americans in midlife (age 45-54) have killed themselves in the past few years, because they couldn’t see any reason to go on. Or how about the veterans who are killing themselves at an alarming rate.
Oh, now I see why we worry about colored cups. To confront reality is just too threatening to our safe little world…

Michelle Poston Combs - awesome! shared!

Kathy Gottberg - Good for you Tammy! I think the more of us that stand up against such silliness the better. I KNOW lots of very devote Christians who LOVE Starbucks (or at least they did until a few groups started making this their “latest” devil) who know very well that Starbucks sells a very popular Christmas Blend each and every year. That doesn’t sound like an organization that is against Christmas????? But some groups will do anything to find a “rallying point” even if it is a false on, and I surely think this is an example. Thanks for calling them out is such an elegant way!

Carmen - Amen. Amazing that as Christians we believe we are created by GOD…that includes an incredible “brain”.
We are misusing our God given brain!

The Ninth Commandment is designed to prevent slander and perversion of justice. So.. do we know what Starbucks intent was in the design of the new beverage cup? So as good Christians we stand in judgment? This could be considered a form of slander!!! In either case as Christians we are taught not to stand in judgement…

What will be next

Rael Hall - Apparently we have not yet learned how to get along. I am grateful that I get my coffee in a cup, not in a cupped hand. Discrimination and Judgment over the color of something is not unconditional love. Whether it be a coffee cup, or a human body, we must look within and see beauty,positive potential, and accept diversity and individual choices as each piece of the pie is still pie and cannot harm us.

Carol Horowitz - Nailed it!! Love your wit and writing Tammy. Btw, that’s your, not you’re.

Kimba - “Don’t we have plenty of real problems in this world that you should be focusing on?” BINGO. I swear when this comes up in tonight’s debate, oh and you know it will, my head is going to explode.

Judy Carpenter - Thank you. I am often amazed by the things people get upset over. As opposed to the things they should be upset over(hunger) and aren’t.

Demi Seres - Unfortunately Starbucks seems to be that which was the watercooler in offices oh not so long ago. There is more socializing along the remnants of emptied strewn half sugar packets and gallons of spilled coffee in the trash than a decent conversation of opinions in the workplace. This is where people are throwing down the gauntlet and it is pitiful! I agree make your coffee at home and smell the real problems in life. Act like a Christian and use your energy to solve problem not create them!

Tammy - I am offended at least twice a day, T.O. I shrug it off and move on. But this stuff is just plain ridiculous. And places such a black smudge on the word “Christian”. I mean, really! Hard to believe that people follow this kind of thinking. Scary to think about.

Tammy - Thanks for the support, Laurie. Grateful for the read and the comment!

Tammy - Point well made, Laura Lee. It’s all so crazy and I’m so over it. I know that many peeps don’t agree with me, but all I’m really asking is for people to be reasonable about things. Is it really that hard? Geesh!

Tammy - Hi Carmen, I can’t explain this phenomenon. I am at a loss. There is always someone standing on a soap box uttering stupid stuff. But to have so many jump on the Stupid Wagon and have the media propagate it, well, it’s beyond crazy. You’re right….we need to use our brains. As to what’s next…I shudder to think!

Tammy - I hadn’t thought about tonight’s debate. Oh, God, I’m right there with you…outrage will pour out of every pour of my body should this subject come up. I can barely stand the stupidity of the followers of this new spotlighted non-issue. God help us all!

Laurel Regan - Very well said! Thank you for standing up and speaking out against this lastest form of lunacy.

Tammy - Hi Demi, they ARE throwing down the gauntlet (love that phrase)! And it’s beyond insane. Either someone is serving some pretty strong Kool-Aid or people area walking through life with blinders on. Either way…scary stuff! Thank you for the read and the comment!

T.O. Weller - I hope you didn’t misunderstand me … I wasn’t perplexed by your post, but more by the way this coffee cup story became so big in the first place.

I understand why you responded — it needs to be done when it gets to this point. As you say, it’s ridiculous.

Mary Lanzavecchia - Like you, I am disgusted that a red cup became a battle cry for a collection of Christians. And, like you, I wrote about my disgust. My hope is the tides are turning and the backlash will take root and spread far faster than the silly message a red cup declares war against Christmas.

Tammy - I totally got you and so appreciate the share! Perplexed is a good way to put it. Followed by outrage and the idiocy of it all. Good grief!

Tammy - Hi Mary, a cup as a battle cry … how crazy is that?! I enjoyed your sharing and the memories your brought forth. There is a reason for the season, and it has nothing to do with a coffee cup!

Carol Cassara - I love that we are all getting really fed up with this crap. Word!

Melanie Kissell - Just goes to show how petty some people can be. You know what I say? GET. A. LIFE. Better yet, work to improve the lives of others! It astounds me the time and energy people devote to ignorance and idiocy.

Joan Salamone - You are a great writer, Tammy Bleck, and you hit the nail right on the head, there are some real idiots in this world.

Connie McLeod - I agree! It’s just gotten ridiculous.

Anne Tichauer - Tammy, you nailed it again! Always a pleasure reading your articles.


Susan Melchiori - I personally knew nothing of this until today. To hear about it, then to read your column, Right on Tammy!!!!! I think I need to go to Starbucks and get me a red cup o Joe!

Jeffrey Davidson - As always, beautifully written! Unfortunately there are too many other problems in this world that are far more important than the color of a coffee cup. Continue promoting to enlighten people and hopefully they will learn to think better.

Tammy - Thanks, Anne. Always good to see you on the block. It’s a pleasure writing for you! xo

Tammy - I am going to Starbucks later tonight, Susan. When they ask my name I’m going to say “ChristianLovesYourCups”. BUAHAHAHAHAHAA I was born a rebel. Appreciate the read, thanks for that!

Tammy - Thanks, Jeffrey. Happy you enjoyed! If only it were that easy. Happy to see you here, my friend.

Cathy Chester - I love Christmas. I love everything about it. Starting in November I listen to Christmas music on the radio. I watch Christmas specials and own Charlie Brown’s Xmas and Mr. Magoo’s Xmas Carol. I love Christmas films. I even love midnight mass because of its beauty. I love reindeer, the lights and Rockefeller Center in December. Did I mention I am a Jew? Yup. I am a spiritual person too, and this ridiciulous conversation is so silly. Oy, vey! Let’s move on to something more important, eh?

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
Not being Christian might disqualify me from commenting? You think? Naah. What a funny, passionate, witty column, loved it. I like the season, the carols (see Pentatonix version of “The Little Drummer Boy”)and proclaim your right to drink coffee in any cup you prefer.

Wendy Walker Cushing - I think the whole thing is ridiculous! I love the bright cheerful red cups, that to me are a symbol of Christmas themselves. People have nothing better to do I guess. Hmm…

Linda - Perfectly Perfect!

Luke Jones - Reminds me of that old time hymn, nothing but the blood of Jesus and btw the dress was white

Lois Alter Mark - I’m so sick of this, I can’t stand it any more. The hypocrisy of these so-called Christians who keep demanding religious freedom is astounding. They only want freedom for their own religion, and it’s time to put a stop to their craziness.

Ande Lyons - Thank You Tammy!

You captured the whole fiasco and bundled it up into a frothing double shot of WTH.

As usual you elegantly and eloquently wrote what many us were thinking… whew… LOVED. EVERY. WORD.

I especially love the Facebook comment by Rael Hall:
“I am grateful that I get my coffee in a cup, not in a cupped hand.”

A delicious conversation has begun – blowing you kisses filled with appreciation, love, Peace on Earth and Joy to the World!


Carolann Iadarola - Poor Starbucks. Honestly, they need to leave that company alone. Always being picked on it seems. I too am fed up…it’s all nonsense. You said it best. A cup doesn’t define a person’s Christianity.

Debbie McCormick - Agreed, but let’s put this in perspective. I am a Christian and couldn’t care less about the cup. The media has jumped on the few complaining about this and turned it into a big mess and given Christians who are level headed a bad name. I think the people compaining about this are ridiculous. And most Christians feel the same way. Don’t let a small percentage of people the media is focusing on turn this into something it isn’t.

Estelle Sobel Erasmus - I agree with you. This tempest in a teacup (ok coffee cup) is really silly.

Todd Montgomery - I like the color RED! For ny birthday on the Fourth of July I like red cups.

Tammy - Cathy, you crack me up. Many Jews love the season and many Christians love Hanukkah. I am marrying a Jew and we observe Shabbat more often than not. Yup, this conversation is an insult to intelligent people everywhere. I’m with you….let’s move on!

Tammy - Hi Mel, let’s order up a couple cups of java in red disposable cups and solve the worlds problems, shall we. Would welcome the opportunity. This topic, however, would be on the bottom of the list. As always, wonderful having you here!

Tammy - Some people have more time than brains, although I can’t quite figure out how. I agree, Wendy. Stupid is as stupid does!

Tammy - Lindala! So lovely to see you here. Happy you enjoyed the read! Thanks for that. xo

Tammy - Luke, I’m familiar with the hymn but clueless about the dress.

Tammy - I adore you outlook and thank you for it. I loved Rael’s comment too. Speaks volumes. Conversation is a good thing. Some times these things need to be said out loud! So happy to have you here, Ande. xo

Debbie Wells- DeRosier - Dont like the cup? Slap a sticker on it.

Alice Badler - LOVE THIS!!! What else to say about it but PERFECTION and you nailed it xo

Marie Baer - Spell check…..

Lydia Gibson - Very well said!!

Christine McQueen - Very well said! I don’t get away frome Facebook too much, but I’m glaf I took the time to come here and read this!

Sean Faust - NAILED IT!

Jane Harms - Finally! Someone willing to tell it like it is. Let us all “get over it” and focus on consequential issues and let go of the inconsequential nonsense. Enough is enough.

Tam Warner Minton - I LOVE Christmas, but I am a secular and culture Christmas person. I like to light the mennorrah, too. According to the right wing, Christianity is under attack. Right. Whatever.

Lucy Feuer - Apparently you have nothing better to do with your life if your this concern over a red cup yes your right about somethings but we have no control over that it’s not just the color of the cup it’s EVERYTHING SO MUCH HAS CHANGE this is how it was for years so why change and it’s not just Christians plenty of my friends are Jewish and they celebrate Christmas some Christian you are yea and by the way Merry Christmas

Donna Bluze - I want my snowflakes on my cup. ….and that’s that….if it bothers everyone that much just give us our snowflakes…..for 3 dollars a cup of coffee you should ttie a ribbon around it lol

Jean Avallone Chasmer - Its not that its just a little bit of nothingness to be upset about – it is just one more slowl creeping up of getting rid of all things Christian – I personally will not be going to Starbucks!

Jay Schwab - I love how they’re raging that there isn’t anything to do with their holiday on there, but they haven’t said a word about the pagan god on the cup :)

Richard Mignone - beautifully expresso d!

Daryl Allen - I’m so tired of the issue that Starbuck doesn’t have a Christmas cup. All we are doing is given them free advertizement. I don’t drink Starbucks Coffee or go to a Starbucks store. I don’t encourage any one to buy their products and i would rather go to McDonalds or RaceTrac to buy Coffee. At least they are not goint to get into my pocket and charge me over $3.00 for coffee that i don’t think is worth more than $1.69.

Karen S Williams - Well said!

Carol Randle Sinatra Rapp - I agree totally—-except I guess I’m an apologizing democrate. Get real out there you supposed Christians.

Donna Bluze - I read all your comments….get your facts straight….Starbucks has informed all employees not to wish customers a Merry Christmas ….that’s where it started….its not about the cup….just that policy says it all…..lets all just respect all the holidays you wish me a Merry Xmas I’ll wish you a Happy Haunaka… I’ll drnk out of your cup you drink out of mine…and stop the bullshit

Judith - It is about the spirit of the celebration. It has not been commercial free since the Romans got hold of the pagan festival and turned it into Christmas.
Be good to each other and forget about the coffee cups, except to wonder if they are being recycled properly.

Tammy - I could NOT have said it better myself, Judith. THANK YOU! So happy to have you here!

Tammy - It seems to be a time in history well all kind hearted, politically smart minded people are apologizing. We should ALL get REAL! Thanks, Carol!!

Tammy - Thank you, Karen. Appreciate the read!

Tammy - One of the many, many reasons to love America: freedom to make your own choices! And it was Starbucks choice to use a simple red cup. Respect goes both ways. Regarding the coffee, Starbucks isn’t for everyone!

Tammy - Thank you Richard. Appreciate the read!

Fear & Marriage Go Together Like a Horse & Carriage

  Marriage. The word hasn’t crossed these lips for years. I wrote a book (quite a successful one I might add) about the virtues of being unmarried. I am the poster child for living single past 50. Since my divorce, I’m afraid of marriage. There. I said it out loud. Let’s digress. I moved in […]

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Lois Alter Mark - It’s so great that you met an amazing man. I can understand your fear and the important thing is that you’re together, not that you’re married. WIshing you lots of love, no matter what you two decide to do!

Tam Warner Minton - I’m really curious….why get married at all?

Jenn Eubanks - Oh Tammy! I am beyond ecstatic!

Barbara Hammond - Very happy for you! I really wish we lived closer because I would love to be your wedding planner! That said, drop me a line if you need some advice/ ideas/ etc. for the wedding. I’m really good at it!

Laura Lee Carter - Good for you Tammy! It’s always a good thing when love wins out over fear! It took me years to believe in love again, but not so long to decide to marry Mike at age 50. And ten years later my life is 500% better than it ever was before!
But when you think about it, marriage is not the question, trust is. I’m just glad I finally found someone worthy of all of my love and trust…

Maryjo Morgan - Happy for you and Steve that you found one another again … and are not going to lose one another again. :)

Oh, I SO understand the fear. Getting UNmarried is painful no matter what the circumstances. As in PAIN FILLED.

When I remarried, the only thing I could do was decide what exactly we were contracting with one another. And wrote up a pre-nup. I felt calmer then, that we had negotiated at a head level to protect ourselves at the heart level That will be 17 years next month.

You’ll be just fine! Many healthy, peace-filled years to you and Steve!

Rael Hall - Fear is always optional. Fear shows us our edges of comfort and discomfort allowing us to choose whether to stay or grow into bigger possibilities. We all in this age group are so much wiser in choosing for another committment. Divine Timing is always perfect. Enjoy your call to be more. Congrats!

Billie Jo Baptiste - He is also the luckiest man in the world! I am so happy for you Tammy! Be sure and let us know when this is happening, and I look forward to the new book about this new chapter in your life adventure.

Carol Cassara - YOu have met your true love and all the richer for later in life. I love it! There is much to say about being single, but marriage has its pleasures Oh, I’m so excited for you!

m - Dear Tammy,
Yes, there is a fear, both in and out of marriage, but you my dear, are a romantic in the best sense of the word. Seems like the human condition is not to live alone and I wonder that the risk you are taking is not big at all. You know they guy; there are bound to be few surprises, and I wish you nothing but happiness. Mazel Tov.

Laurie Weiss - Hi Tammy,
First, Congratulations!
Second, a suggestion about your feeling afraid… I asked hundreds of women what they wished they had known before getting married and used their answers to write “99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Saying ‘I Do’ (at Amazon and B&N). I think that if you read it and don’t find any surprises, you will be relieved and if there are surprises, you will learn something you can use to insure your success. I truly wish you the best.
Warmly, Laurie

Doreen McGettigan - Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Go for it and have a great time getting there!

Tammy - Laura Lee, you are RIGHT, marriage is not the fear. Trust is. You are wise beyond your years! Thanks for that!

Tammy - Hi Maryjo, I was thinking about a pre-nup. But then my mind and heart went to the fact that if I don’t trust him, I shouldn’t be marrying him. Right? But to do it as a comfort zone, a safety to see that your mind in in tuned with your heart, I love the idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

Tammy - Hi Billie Jo, it’s in the offing. No idea of what it will entail at this point. I am trying like the dickens to convince him to elope to Vegas, or Greece or Italy! A wedding is so intimidating.

Tammy - Thanks, Mel. I AM a romantic. But I’m also a realist (a blessing and a curse!). Weddings are a lot of trouble and money and stress. The commitment of the marriage also frightens me. I lost so much when I thought it was so right. Even 30 years of trying never made it so. The sting of failure and betrayal are hard things to get past. As they say “love conquers all”. I do believe they were right.

Tammy - Hi Doreen, the past several years have brought huge growth, both personally and heart wise. It has been a blast. Color me scared (no lie) but color me willing to step up to the alter … just one last time!

Lisa at Grandma's Briefs - I’m thrilled you found love after 50! Like the Nike commercials say, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Enjoy the ride.

I love this line: “You become acutely aware that you don’t have a lot of time for screw-ups and bad judgments.” That very same thing has been on my mind of late… mostly in terms of hoping and praying my husband never dies (yeah, silly) because I know I’d really screw up and exercise bad judgement if I had to find another mate. I just know it.

Tammy - You are too funny, Lisa. I doubt very much bad judgment would be implemented should your hubby meet his demise (throwing salt over shoulder). But it’s true, we have less time to make up for our goofs. No doubt about it, courage must step in where fear and bout reign. Only then will happiness win the day.

Cheryl Nicholl - I knew it!!! You SHOULD marry him! Damn-it you’re worth ‘Forever’. and I suspect he’s the lucky one. *wink*

Shirlene Vitale - Hey Girl, I would be happy to officiate your wedding for you!!! It would be so much fun!!! Just let me know… Excited for you my friend.

Janie Emaus - Well, congratulations!

Myrna Alpern - Congratulations my dear Tammy, You don’t need to be afraid. Simply ask yourself, (we’re not keeping score of who is right or wrong this time, is it really that important to be right?) If you give 60 % and he gives 60%, you’ll both meet in the middle—- OK ? I’ve been married 41 years to a wonderful man also.

Kaz Cruse - Tammy, I remarried at 55 and said I WOULD NEVER get married again. It hasn’t all been honeymoon and roses but it HAS been really worth it. A grown up relationship, who would have thought? Most of all me! We have the ebb and flow down and when it gets tough we get past our egos and practice the ho’ono pono art of forgiveness. I’ll show it to you the next time I see you. We also communicate, a lot.He totally understands how to communicate with a woman. And I have learned to let him be quiet and cocoon when he needs to without feeling ignored. He can listen like nobody’s business and that is an art. I also have a few gal pals who I talk with about things that only gals talk about. He isn’t my girlfriend and that’s an important lesson to learn for women. We both came from disastrous relationships and it’s so easy to bring the conditioning from the previous relationship into the new relationship. It takes commitment and walks on the beach, sometimes chocolates and lots of genuine hugs. Follow your heart, it won’t steer you wrong. Once I learned not to OVERTHINK everything it made my life a lot simpler and more peaceful. Looking forward to hearing more!

Oh, It’s Coming!

A little Halloween fun from me to you …. Once Upon A Halloween When my daughter was just a wee one, Reading scary Halloween stories was such f un. Ghosts and goblins and witches galore, Our scary stories were never a bore. She dressed as a lion, a pumpkin and a witch, Those were the […]

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Laura Lee Carter - Thanks for your poetry Tammy: “Growing up doesn’t mean you stop having fun, because if you resign you are as good as done.”

That says it all for me,
Laura Lee

Tam Warner Minton - How completely adorable!!!!!!!!

Ruth Curran - Time is a crazy thief isn’t it? Beautifully put! We are excited this year because we actually live in a place where we might just get kids coming to our door! When my son was growing up we lived at the end of a 1/4 mile driveway and then lived in a series of places equally unsuitable for trick or treating! This year we have hope!!! Thanks for sharing your words, memories, and images!

Rael Hall - We are in control of our life experiences! Time has no restrictions on us! Let’s Throw a Party!

Doreen McGettigan - Awww I love your poem, I have so many Halloween memories and really miss my kids being little. I’m going to surpise my grandkids and dress up this year.

Tammy - Me too, Laura Lee. It’s as good a reason as any to keep on making mischief!

Tammy - Glad you enjoyed, Tam. A rare dabble into the world of rhyming!

Tammy - Thanks, Doreen, it was so fun to write, but I know I couldn’t make a living out of it! You must take pictures and share them with us!

Lisa T Granata - Thanks, it is lovely.

Carol Cassara - Adorable poem! Cute photos, too. Oh, none of us ever outgrow Halloween, do we? I’ll be celebrating Day of the Dead here in Santa FE. Maybe celebrating not the right term…

Jeffrey Davidson - Beautifully written. As with most things, when we start acting old, stop learning, stop fantasizing, stop imagining and stop having fun, we grow old.

There is something to be said for the insight and statements that some celebrities have stated.
Lucile Ball: “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.”

Walt Disney: “That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”

George Burns: “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to grow old.”

Happy “empty hot dog” – or, “hollow weeny!”

Lisa at Grandma's Briefs - Oh, how I miss those days, too. I don’t think I’d miss my girls at that age/stage so much if my grandsons lived nearby. Alas, not now (and probably never).

Sweet, silly, and sometimes scary memories.

I love this:
“When we are all grown up its important for us to remember

That our childhood is something we should never surrender.”
So true!

Mary La Fornara Gutierrez - Loved reading this poem! Beautiful. Halloween is so fun I so enjoy seeing all the little ones dressed up with their parents standing at the sidewalk!

Carolann Iadarola - I love Halloween! And it’s my son’s birthday so it’s a double treat! What an adorable poem and pics. Just loved it!

Tammy - Hi Lisa, In writing this I realized what I have always known, silliness is important, time is a thief, and there is no one in charge of our glee and fantasy but us. Halloween is just one crazy night … but it gives us a glimpse of what it was like so many years ago. And what it can be again, if even for an instant.

mel glenn - Tammy, Though it will never make Norton’s Anthology
of Great English Poetry, it is a sweet, nostalgic piece
reminding all of us to have fun, and saying that no matter how old your children actually are, on some level they will always be your kids ready to scamper around.

Tammy - You are too kind, Mel. Scamper she does….and my little girl she will always be! Hope it gave you a chuckle.

Elin Stebbins Waldal - Halloween is the best, we love opening the door up to the little kids that are in the neighborhood, their energy keeps the spirit alive in a way that is pure magic. Fun post and I love that you also included a couple of pictures, so sweet. It is amazing how fast time zips past!

Sheryl Kraft - How sweet! I think your poem is worth Simon & Schuster’s attention. Love looking at your pictures, remembering back to my own children’s dress-up days.

Cheryl Nicholl - Great poem! I also still enjpy the thrill of Halloween thru my GROWN kids, butsince the hubby can’t STAND costuming I’m afraid I’m on my own this holiday- so I scare the crap out of the neighborhood kids instead!

Cathy Chester - I miss it too. MIss, miss, miss. Before we finished off our basement we had a Halloween party for our son’s friends. My husband and I were in costume. We made spider webs on the cement wall. My son loved it, the kids had a blast and so did we. I am never far from being a kid. I don’t think I’ll ever fully grow up!! We still dress our house up even tho our son is now 22, Tammy! Thanks for the reminder. PS I DO think S&S should publish your poem. Loved it! xo

Nancy Hill (@nerthus) - Thank you for reminding me of Halloween. I still get all teary-eyed when my 25 year old daughter tells me that she will always remember having the Mom in gradeschool who made the absolutely awesome Halloween Cakes for her class. Marshmallows dyed green and turned into Frankenstein, shortbread tombstones, rock candy trees with gummy bats…. Thank you, Tammy, for prompting these memories.

Tammy - Oh my gosh, Nancy, your description sounds ever so wonderful! I was a working mom and was the one who always showed up with the fancy schmancy spooky cupcakes from our local bakery. My poor kid never had those wonderful homemade treats for her class. But I made up for it at home, as we would bake from scratch and make a wonderful mess of the kitchen. Thank YOU for sharing with me those wonderful memories!

An Open Letter To The Republican Party … (oh, boy!)

(We are not supposed to discuss politics for fear of alienating our readership. Well, I guess I’m throwing that rule out the window! Hang on to your hats, this is going to hurt … one of us). Dear Republican Party, I am embarrassed to be counted among you. What the hell is wrong with you […]

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Sharon Westmoreland - Right ON! Hope you can survive the flack!

Evette Goldstein - Well said! Right on! I agree 100%!

Marilyn Tichauer - BLECK for PRESIDENT!!!!!

Melanie Kissell - I often picture other countries observing how our government is run. I see them shaking their heads and laughing … out loud … and a lot. And it’s embarrassing and humiliating.

Phyliss Rampulla-Kirk - Thank you for stating the obvious. I hope all reasonable Republicans will follow your lead, whether they stay with the party or opt out. We need both parties to work together to support our Democracy and continue to create a government for the people, by the people !!!!!!

Tammy - Marilyn, this made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that. For the record: I will not seek, nor will I accept the nomination for President of the United States. Unless there is substantial chocolate involved. xo

Tammy - Thanks, Sharon. That makes two of us! Happy to have you here!

Debbie Barnett - Preach it, Girl!

Jeanette Bishop - I’m glad to see a reformed Republican. It shows me there is at least one who can still learn, and who is honest. I was a little disappointed to see your hanging on to at least one Republican extreme view of the Iran deal though, which I, a mere onlooker, see just the opposite. The only option I can see is the bombing method. Go over there and wipe ’em out! Obama said he would try to negotiate instead of starting another 10-year war. They

Barbara Hammond - Thank you, Tammy, for ensuring I’m not the only one who has to rant about the insanity going on lately. If we can’t let it out we’ll implode!

Toni @ Debt Free Divas - Well said. Well said. We don’t all have to agree on everything, but we can start by finding the ability to respect one another. I think the media is just as complicit in the hostility that’s so pervasive. Good old respect and decent debate doesn’t get ratings. Oh boy…what’s a political junkie who abhors the current state of discourse to do.

Here’s an idea – read great blogs like this one! Thanks!

Tammy - Toni, THANK YOU for the kind review! You are SO right and make a marvelous point; the media is culpable to the highest extreme. And the ratings go up and the coverage gets even more moronic. God help us all! Here’s hoping that respect for one another finds its way to Washington.

Bonnie K. Frogma - I think you are awesome.

Gary Siegel - Shades of coincidence. Did I once know you in a prior life? I too changed to Independent out of total disgust of the GOP. The only problem I had was not being able to figure out how fill out the change of political party form. Perhaps you should publish simple instructions and get a “grass roots” campaign going in that direction.

Beverly Diehl - You go, Tammy! While I don’t agree with everything you say, most of it strikes a chord, and I am on board. I don’t *want* there to be only two political parties, because the D’s aren’t all that and a bag of chips, but what they have going for them, is “at least they’re not ALL crazy.” It is very sad to think Eisenhower and Reagan would not be viable candidates in today’s Republican party.

Tammy - Hi Gary, go figure, that makes two of us! I have a feeling there are many more of us yet unspoken. I still believe in the mantra of less government that the Republicans hold true. If there was a grass roots effort I’d join it. We are birds of a feather, my friend, happy to have you here! Thanks for that.

Cathy Chester - This is our daily dinner conversation with our son, Tammy. But he is for women’s rights, detests Trump, Christie and a few others, and agrees on a few more issues with us. But we are really the “Family Ties” family with hubby and I as Mr. and Mrs. Keaton! I am already tired of the debates, discussions, etc. I think elections should take 3 months for campaigning and then voting time!

Cathy Chester - P.S. I think the nation is still going to vote a Republican in. History repeating itself. Hope I’m wrong…

Carol Cassara - Thank you, my darling, for this delicious post. Sad that it’s needed. Check out mine tomorrow. MIss you loads. Let’s be in touch soon.

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
Couldn’t agree with you more! Which begs the question – how come you are a Republican? Any chance of conversion to the Democratic party? And what do you say to Donald Trump? I am not
saying that the Dems are perfect, but but the GOP
is a party without grace, hope or vision.

Sheryl - You are NOT stupid. You ARE brave. And, you are so RIGHT. (Not right-wing, but right in the sense of what you are saying makes such sense!!!)

Mary Bird Lanzavecchia - Yes, yes, yes!
Raised Republican, Registered Independent

Anita Dzirne-Irlen - This is an awesome post! I’m on the other “side” but you are the kind of person I want to talk to. How can you even discuss with that extreme right? It’s frightening the lack of leadership, role models, and ethical people. Thanks for being so damn sensible.

Pia Savage - This is wonderful

Geralyn Johnson Crawford - Bravo, why would you doubt yourself? Extra credit for not jumping on the ever popular Trump wagon; although it would have been entertaining.

Tammy - Hi Mel, the fact is, I have voted Democrat almost half my life. It’s always been about the person instead of the party. However, that being said, I truly believe in the Republican’s view of less is more when it comes to government meddling, handouts and programs. I grew up just knee high from dirt poor. No one gave us anything. I learned to earn my way and it made me. Dems have taken that lesson away from so many with their liberal program offerings and tax sucking programs. Not a fan. However, you are RIGHT, the GOP is a party without grace, hope or vision. To add salt to the wound, they have lathered up a good dose of hate, bigotry and racism. From this day forward I cannot, I will not, call myself a Republican. Those are NOT my ideals. Will I ever become a Democrat? Never say never.

Tammy - Thanks, Sheryl. It makes sense to me too only because it’s so basic. Sometimes we have to go back to basics to see what is right and what is wrong. The stands the GOP are making are just WRONG. I cannot stand beside them and call them my party. Far from it! Great to hear from you!

Cheryl Nicholl - I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal- but usually vote R. However, they really are making me sick. Why can’t the GOP just stand for a leaner (fiscal responsibility) and meaner (strong defense) take care of our infrastructure and the poor and needy and stay the hell out of all the rest? Where did they loose their way??? Congress should be fired.

Debby Schlesinger - My goodness….a THINKING (albeit Ex) Republican. Good for you for realizing that the Republican party is turning into a really warped version of a “Good ‘Ole Boy” club! I don’t see how women can stick with the republican party when their bigoted, racist, mysogonistic views are so transparent! (O.K…..maybe that last adjective was a bit strong…). I work in a science based field (nursing), with Republican co workers who are sometimes quite vocal about their views. How in the world can you believe in practicing evidence based medicine & deny global warming? I really don’t get it.

Cary Vaughn - Bless you for this.

Tam Warner Minton - Ah, a 1980s Republican! The kind I used to be able to have a discussion with. Now, I absolutely cut off, and abhor, any discussions with Republicans. I find them strident, angry, and self involved. Except for the middle and lower class Republicans, I think they are just not too bright. Why vote against yourself? That is what they do. I despise the judgmental bullshit.
Yes, I am a liberal democrat. And I voted for Obama. And I would vote for him again against people like Palin and Mitt.

Roshni AaMom - The latest batch have just taken things to such an extreme! I’m amazed that they learnt nothing from the last two elections!!

Jeffrey Davidson - I love when people express their opinions since it gives us an opportunity to understand each other’s opinions and learn. However, I will only debate politics with those who vote.

Your comments regularly stimulate thought and conversation. Agree or disagree, it would be a shame that someone would not want to read your blogs because they do not necessarily share the same view.

I have friends and business associates with whom I do not agree on everything and we are still friends and get along well.

Keep up your stimulating blogs and hopefully many more will learn and grow, agree or disagree.

Keith Graham - Well said Tammy. I’m with you. I wish more Republicans would take the blinkers off and see what their pitiful excuse for a political party is actually doing to run the country.
It’s also true that unless you have 100% Native American blood you are the offspring of an immigrant.

Lisa Carpenter - Oh, yeah! This is yet another reason (among the many) why I’m no longer affiliated with either party and, like you, recently registered as independent. Will there ever be a “common sense and compassion” party? I’ll keep dreaming…

Evelyn Marshall - BRAVO. I’M WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!

Kathleen O'Donnell - I’m a conservative Democrat who feels like I have no one to vote for. If the Republicans could come up with someone who didn’t seem like a clown or a rabid dog I’d vote for them! Best analogy I’ve heard…the Republicans are a Mad Men party in a Modern Family world. Get to together! Great post.

Doreen Mcgettigan - As a registered republican I agree with everything you said. That said I will still vote for the republican candidate whoever he or she is just like registered democrats will vote for the democrat. Thats just the way the game goes. I am not going to get anxiety over this election like I have in the past. Both sides scare me equally.

Kitt Crescendo - Honestly, my friend, I’m pretty tired of all of them. Never mind disappointed. I keep hoping that someone’s going to run at some point that I can completely get behind, but so far, no luck. I may agree with some of their views, then they’ll throw something pretty big and extreme out there that is completely the opposite of how I feel…

Kathy Gottberg - Hi Tammy! Good for you for coming out so strongly in support of women. I too cannot see how any woman can vote Republican without recognizing that, like you said in your other comment, “Any woman voting republican is in essence voting against herself.” And like you said, is bascially voting against human rights. I was raised Republican but I had to leave the party when I realized they DO NOT HAVE WOMEN’S BEST INTERESTS IN MIND. And by the way, I am not registered Democrat or Independent. I am “Declined-To-State” meaning that I withhold the right to vote anyone that i think is best for the country so I can still vote for anyone who is running. I really, really hope that more women are waking up and realizing what you’ve stated through this post. Thanks for being so vocal about it. ~Kathy

Tammy - I’m right there with you, Kitt. Perhaps it’s time to save those dollar bills for that little island in the Pacific. Then I could be my own President. If only it were that easy! So happy to see you here! Thanks for popping in and sharing with me.

Myron Holmgren - Tell me how the democrats are different for the better

t - Great article and one that made me think! I vote for the person, not the party. Having said that I will say I have no idea who I will vote for and am not thrilled with any of them. By the time the election gets here I will be so sick of the commercials I probably won’t like any of them…but I will vote. I’m a former history teacher and my dad served. I don’t understand people who don’t vote.

Have a great day Tammy and hope to see you at BAM!

Laura Lee Carter - “When you grow a vagina, we’ll talk.” LOL!!! That has been my take on women’s reproductive rights FOREVER! Except I’ve always said: “My uterus, my decisions! Stay out of it”

Jennifer Connolly - I never discuss poilitics, sex or religion online for all the same reasons. But as a registered republican, I can only ask WTF is going on?? These people are so out of touch with reality, it boggles my mind. I have to vote, but no option is appealing.

Jacqueline Tierney DeMuro - Spoken like a true Democrat, LOL!

Theresa Wiza - Great letter! I hope some of the Republican presidential candidates read it. I don’t consider myself a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent. I vote strictly on the person running. I know for sure that I will NOT be voting Republican, however, due to all the poison that has been leaking out of the mouths of people in that party. Right now, I’m leaning toward Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, and I’m looking forward to the debates to make my final decision.

Laurie Nerat - Thanks for your honest opinion – I happen to agree with many of the points you made, but even if I didn’t agree, I would still respect your right to have your own opinion and I wouldn’t have a raging meltdown because we might disagree. We need more respectuful honesty in our world and especially in politics – so thank you for being willing to throw your opinions out and risk being ravaged by hot heads and internet trolls.

Anne - Tammy,

All I can say after reading your article is “Wow”. Fantastic article!


Maryjo Morgan - Way to go, Tammy!

This thread is the most SANE political discussion I’ve seen in AGES! Good for you for engaging respectfully and truthffully. We SHOULD be able to do this! you know, talk, agree to disagree sometimes, be surprised to find ourselves in agreement or disagreement when we didn’t expect it.

What thrills me about this thread is flagrant love of country enough to have the courage to question, to seek additional information and above all, to exercise our hard-won right to vote and case knowledgable votes.

You totally ROCK, Tammy!

Tammy - I’m right there with you. I vote for the person too. Problem is, no one of great quality is stepping up. And my Grand Old Party had turned into a hate mongering, bigoted lynch mob. Good grief! We will all be sick of the process before it’s over. I’ve never officially been an Independent before and it feels a bit like a betrayal. Then I remember that it was the GOP that changed gears and betrayed us. Bah! There’s no winning this game!

Tammy - Theresa, I am leaning that direction as well. More time needs to be given to the candidates so we can get a better idea of who they are. Trump seems to take the center stage. Entertaining but not all that enlightening. Fingers crossed!

Tammy - Thanks, Anne, so happy you enjoyed the read. It was therapeutic to write. Sad for me, really. I am fiercely loyal and it feels a bit like I’m abandoning my party of choice. But the truth is, they have wandered off into crazy-ville and have abandoned many followers such as myself. I just cannot abide the hate mongering, name calling, negative nuances that pour out of their mouths. Enough! So happy to see you here, Anne. Thanks for that. xo

Tammy - Thanks, Maryjo! I’ve noticed that even the peeps that don’t agree (and I’m sure there are millions) here, at least, they are quite civil and wonderfully expressed. I’m with you….it should be like this! Truth is, it pains me to see my party of choice get so off track. I just can’t abide by their hate mongering and negative tactics towards women, gays, immigrants. It’s crazy to me. This is NOT the GOP I have faith in. Not by a long shot! I am thrilled to hear from you. Thrilled! Thanks for that. xo

Chloe Jeffreys - I admit it. I was once a registered Republican. And I was once an Evangelical Christian, too. But even then I knew that the marrying of politics to religion was a BAD IDEA. A really bad idea. And one Jesus specifically wouldn’t have approved. (He actually said that politics and religion shouldn’t mix, and that religious people shouldn’t look to politics to solve spiritual or moral problems).

I feel like as a species we’re headed off the rails. We’ve destroyed the environment, billions of humans continue living in abject poverty, and we’re in what now seems to be a perpetual war we can never win. In the meantime, and mostly in the name of religion, we’re fighting over stupid shit like whether women are really worthy or self-determination.

The gay marriage thing is a done deal. Get over it. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married. Let’s move on. Let’s move on to the things that will save the planet and make a future and stop pining for some good ole days that never were.

Patti Fleetwood - Amen sister!

Close Encounters Of The Rudest Kind

I’ve had one of those weeks. You know the kind; where you just as soon run someone over as look at them. It seems at every turn I have encountered the foul mouthed, holier than thou, the rules don’t apply to me, individual. If there were pills for patience I would have overdosed. Let me […]

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Carole - I know what you are describing, I have had plenty of encounters with discourteous folk. All I can do is ignore them when possible, or speak up when warranted.
I also apologize for my errors. A couple of days ago I was pulling into a parking spot. As I was making the turn, I realized the driver parked next to the empty spot I wanted was attempting to back up and it looked like he was cussing when I blocked him. After I parked I tapped on his window. I could tell he was wary, but he rolled his window down slightly. I told him that I didn’t see his backup lights because of the low angle of the sun, and apologized for cutting him off. The look on his face was priceless. He thanked me, said it was no problem, and went on his way with a smile.
It was great to see him go from being irritated to being calm and relaxed. I hope he paid the courtesy forward.

Tammy - Love your sharing, Carole. Kindness and courtesy goes a long way, no lie. I make it a habit of complimenting women when I’m out and about. “You look lovely today”, or “what a pretty top” brings smiles you wouldn’t believe. Rudeness happens. I get it. But it seems to have become blatant and almost intentional these days. People seem to pride themselves on not having a filter. I don’t get it. We are not the better for it!

Lucyanne - You sound angry and a little tightly wound. Sometimes it’s ok to not sweat the small stuff. You’ll end up happier. Try yoga.

Laura Lee Carter - Hi Tammy:
Now you know why we decided to move away from all metro areas! It has been proven in all species that overcrowding causes aggressive behavior. Where it ends nobody knows, but I don’t want to be around to see it!

Scott Morgan - I have this kind of conversation with my best friend all the time. She goes ANYwhere and I get a story about rude jerks and lewd comments. This is why she likes having me around, people don’t give her attitude when I’m there.

But the Irish have a great saying — Don’t let the bastards get you down. Combine that with Kurt Vonnegut’s “Stay soft, don’t let the world make you hard,” and there’s some good advice in there.

If only it were as easy to do as to say.

Cathy Chester - I don’t have the answers because I see the same rudeness and have written about the absence of good manners before.

Perhaps it’s where we live, and it’s the very reason I want to move from crowded NJ. But where to?

We’ll still get infiltrated by the Donald Trump’s and Ann Coulters of the world. So, sorry my friend. I don’t have the answers. All we can both do is simply the best that we can to hold it together through trying situations.

Tammy - Hi Lucyanne, angry, yes. Tightly wound, some days, but not generally. I enjoy Pilates, thank you. I agree with you…don’t sweat the small stuff. But when the small stuff becomes every day stuff and all the time stuff, it becomes bigger stuff. Lots of stuff here…you know what I mean. Thanks for the read and the comment!

Tammy - Thanks, Scott. Loved the “stay soft, don’t let the world make you hard” quote. Brilliant. Some days are easier than others. But I have learned that it’s damn hard to deal with stupid. Likely impossible. Wonderful seeing you here. Thanks for that!

Doreen McGettigan - The rudeness is definitely becoming an epidemic. I am appalled at the rudeness of young cashiers and store clerks. After a nasty parking lot altercation I decided to always pick the furthest parking spot. Nobody else wants it and I need the exercise. I reward myself with extra cookies:)

Sheryl Kraft - How rude, indeed! What is WRONG with people?? (Nothing that a tube of red lipstick won’t fix :) You (and I and everyone else) has to have the patience of a saint not to spar with people like this, but I often think that they’re not worth a shred of my breath.

Tammy - Love it, Doreen. Method to your madness. An extra cookies helps loads! I too park further away to avoid the maddening crowd. From now on I will be looking for my cookie reward!

Shelley Zurek - I think manners and compassion need to be taught in an after school program where parents and kids must both attend. Either that or neither generation will have any. Cuz their partents obviously didn’t teach them anything…

Carol Cassara - Many of my readers had ideas on this when I posted a similar topic, I don’t know, I just don’t think that way (rude and nasty). It’s a big mystery to me.

Lisa at Grandma's Briefs - We are such a mess. This, yes: “I’m not sure where all the nice, polite, law abiding people went, but I miss them terribly. So does the world.” Yes, yes, yes!!

It sickens me that one of the most rude and obnoxious individuals EVER has made such a splash on the political scene—and an unbelievable number of folks think he’d be a good representative of our once-great country. Crazy. And disheartening. (Yes, you know who I mean, that man with the name I refuse to utter as too many others are.)

Patricia Patton - So with you on so much of what you’ve said. I find my mouth hanging open OFTEN because I am shocked by the bad behavior. It’s like you can think some of this “ish”, but do you really come into the street and spew your utter nonsense?

Lee Lefton - Tammy, your story about the jerk who stole your parking spot reminds me of the classic scene in “Fried Green Tomatoes,” where the same thing happens to Kathy Bates. When she calls the two 20-somethings on their s–t, they tell her they’re younger and faster. So she rams her car into the back of theirs multiple times. They rush out of the store and call her crazy, to which she replies, “Honey, I’m older and have more insurance.” Wouldn’t you just love to do that?

A number of the posts below are from people who’ve chosen to move from urban sprawl to smaller communities as we did 25 years ago. That’s not to say rudeness doesn’t occur. It’s just that with 9 million fewer people than LA, you see it a lot less. As for calling people on their s–t,
I think we have to be very careful. It only takes one nut. And NM is an open carry state. I think the safest thing we can do as mature (relatively) adults is to consider the source, let it go and move on. Not that I always do that.

Linda Lichtman - Perhaps that’s why I’ve been spending more time in the house – avoiding confrontations – avoiding bad breath – which you get plenty of when dealing w/ a fender bender – it’s wicked out here…

Lois Alter Mark - I find the world getting ruder and less civilized by the minute. I truly worry about the future of our species.

Carolann Iadarola - I don’t think that people have really changed all that much over the years. I think mankind has always been this way. It’s just that we see it more and hear about it more because of social media and the internet. I just ignore them…and move on!

Mary La Fornara Gutierrez - I love the red lipstick trick. I’m going to buy a cheap tube and keep it in my glove compartment! I am so sick of rude people!

m - Dear Tammy,
Cannot argue over this one. In this hurry-up world, we have lost civility and grace. Many people are unhappy and they take out their poor lives on others. This is a cross-generational thing.
Do we bring back charm school, have cotillions? Afraid nothing will help here because
there is no punishment for egregious behavior.
Keep fighting the good fight.

Tammy - Lisa, you made me giggle. What a great comparison. Yup, Frump (ahem) is hugely rude and discourteous and people love it about him. One moment he states how he supports women, the next he is bashing women who disagree with him with horrible name calling etc. Maybe he is the poster child for my post….and I didn’t even know it.

Tammy - Mel, I think you hit the nail on the head…there is NO punishment for egregious behavior! I didn’t think we needed more “laws” but maybe just one more would serve society nicely.

Joy Page Manuel - Tammy, I am now on my way to my upstairs dresser to grab my one and only bright red lipstick and load that priceless ammunition into my purse. Thank you for that advice! And P.S. I admire you for still being sane and not ending up on the 11pm news. I’m not sure I’d fare that well in your shoes. I think the problem with the younger generation/s is that everyone just has an unreasonably high sense of entitlement. I’m not sure exactly how or when this came to be but I’m sure it’s a complex interaction of several sociopsychological variables.

Maureen Musgrave Armentrout - I too, have employed the red lipstick solution, and find that it can be really quite satisfying!

Barbara Hammond - I think our political climate has contributed greatly to the lack common decency in the past few years and right now it’s pretty much at its worst. The sense of entitlement makes me crazy. We’ve moved to a lovely little beach town where people are more laid back than in the big city and I love that. My only problem here is it’s a very right wing leaning town and sometimes my big mouth can get me in trouble. I’m working on that! Love the lipstick idea, tho.

cheryl Shaw - You are speaking to the choir—–the whole world is angry and out of patience these days——-could it be that it is fostered by our illustrious government???? Just be careful——did you hear about the honeymooning couple who deigned to request teenagers pick up their own trash on the sixteenth street mall——–he was severely beaten as was a restaurant worker who came out to help. I don’t have any suggestions for a remedy——and notice the rhetoric everywhere——especially on tv——is becoming more and more incendiary——Jorge is a prime example. I also have a personal example which I will relate to you in a personal email.
As Winston Chuchill said, “Keep calm and carry on”. I TRY to live by those words.

Myrna Alpern - Tammy, When the jerks start their rude and tastless comments, I simply ” BLOW THEM A KISS” give them a little wave saying, Bye Bye, hope you have a good day too.

Howard Roper - Well, it seems that I’m not the only one that believes that the world has turned to anger rather than common courtesy, like it was once upon a time. You know, eons ago.
From drivers who cut me off, turn right in front of me without any regard of my speed, drive 20mph under the speed limit while talking/texting on there cell, stopping on a green light, going on a red light, and passing me in a school zone, all the while providing me their friendliness, by giving me the finger. Hmmm, and to think it doesn’t stop there. I could write a novel on this subject alone.
Tammy, what bothers me the most is the disregard for the sanctity of human life in our “New Age” of racial tensions, division of our country and disrespect/murder of our military and first responders. Now, THAT is troubling to me. It makes me feel small regarding the rude attacks on me. Aggression is one thing, HATE is totally different. It is that “Hate” that worries me the most.
So, I have learned to forgive easier. They say kill them kindness. I’ve learned it’s true. I’ve chosen to just let go of my unsatisfied need of retaliation. However, I must admit there are occasions I seriously think about busting them in their kisser. Would it solve the problem? Even temporarily? Maybe… Hmmm, that would have to be thought about. Maybe, while I’m in the poky. Ha!
The aggressive sickness that has overtaken us is ugly, rude, fast lane road rage hell. And it’s growing rapidly out of control as it spreads to every corner, every street, every town/city, every county, every state throughout our great Republic. Muggings, killings, rape, robbery, Islamic terrorism, etc. Like a rabid dog biting and infecting as it goes nowhere fast. A virus spreading that cannot be contained. When will it end? Will it? Or has it just begun to fester?
Wow! and to think I’m not upset. lol
Didn’t meat to start my own blog here. Sorry Tammy!! Good thing I’m your friend, or, at least was? lol
Red Lipstick…??? Maybe I need to start carrying it???

Michele Linse Jeffers - A-men, sista! First of all, don’t get me started on “milenials.” I think they were created by an evil force to destroy the world because they certainly are leading the way! Secondly, yes, I’ve also run into the absolute cray cray out there. The psycho chick who thinks that being “in line” at the bank means your still filling out deposit slips at the desk and then I get accused of cutting in front of her! My response? Be my guest. Please go ahead of me. I LET you do that even though you didn’t deserve it! I can’t pinpoint why the world is going mad, but my guess is that people are just too stressed out from all the pressures of life and the general feeling, as it was so well put in the film Network is, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Tammy - Hi Cheryl, it’s tough out there! I’ve noticed the political rhetoric ramping up in a vicious and person attack mode. It certainly doesn’t help. I am not an alarmist, but I’ve got to share that this stuff scares me. Because mob mentalities never come to any good. And abuse (verbal and physical) is easy to lay down when unopposed. One has to wonder how this will all turn out. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I’m keeping calm and carrying on!

Tammy - Hi Howard, I’m excited to see you here! I agree with you…all of it. It is a sickness that has penetrated every corner of our land. I try to keep a calm demeanor when this stuff happens in front of me (and it does) and it’s getting tough to do. I don’t think that people understand how quickly we as a nation are descending into a lower form of humanity towards one another. To see refugees get shot and pepper sprayed while holding their babies because they are fleeing ISIS….what the hell is going on here? Police officers getting shot in the back while filling a tank of gas? Who are these fruitcakes and should we be afraid of them? Hell yes, we should be afraid. Very afraid. But we should also DO something. We cannot stand by and not support our military, our law enforcement, our neighbors. Humanity meant something back in the day. It’s time to bring that day back TODAY. And, yes, you should start carrying red lipstick (giggle).

Kaz Cruse - Like my teenage son said “you do you!” And you live by example. What goes around, comes around. Everyone gets their comeuppance, EVERYONE, in one form or another. Shine on!

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